In case you decide to employ a PostgreSQL-driven script app on one of your websites, you'll need sufficient database storage space for it, in order to guarantee that even when your site gets larger, it will function efficiently and without disorders. Putting more products to an online store or more comments to a message board are only two examples of what can expand your databases. In case you run out of storage space at some time, the functionality could decrease or the site may not be reachable at all owing to the fact that after the storage space restriction is reached, the script will not be able to store additional content within the database - user-generated or system one. Since PostgreSQL is used for scalable web applications, it's very likely that when you employ this type of database for your website, you'll need extra space for it as your website grows.

PostgreSQL Database Storage in Website Hosting

Our website hosting plans were developed with the notion to give you the option to pick the optimal characteristics based on the type of sites you'd like to host. If you do not need PostgreSQL databases, for instance, you can select a plan which doesn't come with this system by default. If you change your opinion any time later or in case you want PostgreSQL from the very beginning, you can always acquire one of the packages that feature PostgreSQL support. All the plans include plenty of storage dedicated to your databases, so that even if your websites expand, you will not encounter any problems, since some plans come even with unrestricted space. For the lower-end packages, the PostgreSQL storage is upgraded with just a few clicks in the Hepsia hosting Control Panel.

PostgreSQL Database Storage in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you get a semi-dedicated server from our company, you'll benefit from our powerful cloud hosting platform. Due to the fact that the databases have their own cluster of servers and don't run on the same machines as the web server or the emails, any script-driven site that you host here will perform much better than if it was hosted on a server where various processes run. The cloud hosting platform is also the reason why we can offer unlimited storage space for the PostgreSQL databases created in any semi-dedicated hosting account. You'll be able to see the size of the databases you make in your Control Panel, both the individual for each of them and the whole, but you won't be limited in terms of how much space they could take, so that your PostgreSQL-driven websites can grow without any restrictions.